Thermal depolymerization of waste

Waste of today can be energy of tomorrow

Thermolysis is the most modern ground-breaking way of processing any kind of waste. It works on basis of chemical decomposition of substances, which is caused by intensive heat.

Thanks to this kind of decomposition, we are able to process all kinds of materials, including those, which had to end on waste disposals irrecoverably, because there was no way to deal with them.

With zero emissions

Verified EU certification


Our revolutionary technology transforms your waste to the form of usable energy

Our device is able to substitute inconsiderate dumping of waste by more appropriate ecological processing, to the form which does not harm nature or people. Processed waste is further usable as an energy source in many areas. We dispose with several types of patented devices, working on a basis of thermal depolymerization, which will satisfy needs of small companies and even big cities.

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Treated products will ensure big savings on energy

Processed waste will not lay on dumpsites and destroy the environment, thanks to our device, but it will serve as a renewable energy source in transportation, industry, production and even in households. Waste can be changed to the form of biofuels, gases or electricity. Such output will show itself in quick return of the investment.

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Research firmly in our hands

Patented device ENVEE

We are an exclusive supplier of the most modern devices for ecological disposal of wastes, which mean a complete revolution in ways of processing waste. Our device is able to completely solve problems with waste disposal and as a bonus it creates energy that you can further use.


for processing

up to 1 ton

/ of waste daily

Suitable for

Small municipalities


for fight unnecessary waste storage and recycling


for processing

up to 10 tons

/ of waste daily

Suitable for


Small companies

dealing with waste recycling


for processing

up to 30 tons

/ of waste daily

Suitable for

Big companies

dealing with waste recycling and created output distribution


for processing

up to 48 tons

/ of waste daily

Suitable for

Big complexes

dealing with mass waste recycling and energy generating


All our units have big earning and return potential


For consultation of usage and return calculation for you


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