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Our company and its values

Our company ENVEE develops and implements technologies for disposing and recycling of all kind of wastes to a shape, to be further usable in forms of biofuels, gases, heat or energies, which are harmless to nature.

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Thank to our concepts and work, we present active help in question of protection of nature around the whole world. We negotiate with individual governments about these problems and we provide options for their solving.

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We are founders of foundations, which finance humanitarian aid in parts of the world, where it is most needed.

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On a basis of demands of our clients, we set up a complete process of realization of projects, including all key elements of transportation, production, building and subsequent functioning.

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Our main domain is especially thermal recycling of waste. We hold exclusive representation and production of devices for this modern way of waste disposing. Thanks to our research, these devices belong among the most sophisticated and most effective ways of waste disposal in the world.

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Based on our long term experience with development and solving of environmental devices, which we actively supply to the whole world since 2003, we are absolute peak in the industry.

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Our structure

We were established for a reason of a complete solution of our client´s orders, thence all our departments cooperate in a way, to be able to elaborate entire process and realization of wishes, our clients have.

01 -

Leadership of our company is a first step in communication with our clients. It picks over, suggests and further passes concepts of orders to development.

02 -
Scientific and research team

New ideas are created in this department, which are henceforth tested in a way, to be presented in a functional form to the clients around the world.

03 -
Business department

Business department solves questions of financing and mutual agreements to settled projects with clients.

04 -
Project department

Project department cares about technical part of the thing and about proposing of the most appropriate and the most frugal infrastructure of given projects.

05 -
IT department

IT department is in charge of computing functions of modern, by computer driven parts of projects.

06 -
Financial department

Financial department looks after inside financial sustainability of projects and manages right use of finances in a frame of a project.

07 -
Marketing department

Marketing department presents our inventions and informs clients around the world about their availability.

08 -
Management department

Department of management supervises the whole gearing of the company and arranges its entire cooperation in a way, to achieve the best results.

09 -
Personal department

Personal department handles selection of appropriate co-workers and manages their maximal satisfaction, which will show on their productivity.

10 -
Accounting department

Accounting department elaborates and gives all foundational paperwork for payment to clients, after successful ending of a project.


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